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Architecture under Judgement

On display at the RIBA in London are two different schemes for one site: the Mansion House Square by Mies van der Rohe, and Number One Poultry by James Stirling. They show how difficult it is for architecture to be non-political.


Architecture / Francesco Zuddas


Mies + Stirling

The exhibition at the RIBA in London offers a renewed examination of two iconic architectural schemes proposed for the same site in the City of London.



PREVI: The Metabolist utopia

Forty years later, an experimental district offers us an unparalleled insight into the slow metabolism of the infinite city.


Architecture / Justin McGuirk

Domus 946 – editorial

In his first issue, Joseph Grima wonders what became of the belief that architecture could transform for the better the lives of many. And make an appeal to Reyner Banham to claim that “at the risk of soiling it, the Absolute of architecture must be brought back into the kitchen”. #domus1000


Op-ed / Joseph Grima