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A conversation with Sapper

In this interview with Marco Romanelli, from Domus 674, Richard Sapper bears witness to the scope for design as a personally loved profession but also as one correctly practised within industrial structures and market laws.


From the archive


Best of #Theaters

Ten contemporary projects, a series of photographs and two historical realizations to represent the world of the theater as a work of architecture, performance space and expression of a community.



The black box syndrome

Automobiles, computers, cheese graters, televisions, kettles: it would be hard to name an object that Richard Sapper, at some point of an extraordinarily prolific career spanning six decades, has not tackled. His work permeates the everyday life of millions, yet he keeps a low profile, and keeps on working. Justin McGuirk pays him a visit in his Milan apartment to discuss design, Dieter Rams, and why the ThinkPad's TrackPoint is red.


Design / Justin McGuirk


Charles Eames' Ovoid Theatre

The 1964-65 New York World's Fair IBM pavilion, designed by Charles Eames with Studio Saarinen, featured a suspended ovoid theatre over a canopy of steel trees, in which a multimedia show offered glimpses of the future.


From the archive / Cesare Maria Casati

Cities that listen

The Smart Cities of the future can exist in many different scenarios: either focusing on technologies that will allow energy savings and an increased efficiency of city life, or rather, as in the case of the reconstruction of L'Aquila, as a series of strategies for revival.


Op-ed / Stefania Garassini