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Home in the pine forest

Spatial continuity is the main feature of the single family house designed by Ramón Esteve in Madrid, whose whole interior space opens and orients itself to a pine forest.




The light of change

A designer walks from one empty room to another, holding the Buds lamps he has designed for Foscarini, old friends in a move that is partly a mental one.



Salaka vase

Murano master glassmakers gave shape to the new Salaka vase collection by Amsterdam-based designer Satyendra Pakhalé: generous in its form and complex in making.




One through Zero

The Glass House in New Canaan presented Robert Indiana’s One through Zero, ten Corten steel sculptures that were conceived in 1980 and executed in 2003.




S+J House

Allowing a closer experience of the pine forest, the house designed by Luciano Kruk in Costa Esmeralda, Argentina, establish a fluid relation between the inner spaces and the exterior.



New Rolex building

Studio Albini realised an office building in Milan, featuring motorized metal louvres that automatically change angle as the sun passes across the street-facing elevations.