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No choice no more

The way in which most of our software and hardware products function is based on a steady corrosion of our ability to choose.


Op-ed / Stefania Garassini


Tweets and the streets

In under 200 pages, a book leads even complete novices through an original discussion of the relationship between the Egyptian revolution and social media.


Reviews / Francesca Sironi

DIY Magazines

Today's "editorial" apps allow everyone to construct publications as they please, but their minimalist architecture is characterised by a dualism in the design of layouts — in favour of either text or image. Alexandra Lange examines this trend and the types of users.


Design / Alexandra Lange


Best of the Week

From a golden boy in Trafalgar Square to the sophisticated thinking behind the Facebook Timeline, a look at this week's best stories.




An interview with Nicholas Felton

Accompanying our review of Facebook Timeline, Domus interviews lead designer Nicholas Felton about filtering the noise of social media and mirroring personal memory. Features exclusive early sketches of Timeline.


Interviews / Dan Hill

In praise of lost time

Facebook Timeline is an exemplary bit of interaction design that does little to advance the timeline formally. Yet it might alter the nature of human memory itself.


Design / Dan Hill