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Criminal courts, serene piers, fat houses. Discover here July’s top stories.




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Erwin Wurm’s Fat House

The solo exhibition at the 21er Haus, Vienna, comprises upwards of 40 sculptures and new works by Erwin Wurm, while the Upper Belvedere hosts one of his famous fat houses.




Erwin Wurm: Lost

Erwin Wurm’s works, on show at Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, are developed in correlation to everyday objects and the recollection of the haptic perception of their surfaces and materials.




Under the Skin

The exhibition at the TextielMuseum brings together sculptures, installations and films by artists near and far to explore vulnerability, life, pain and protection.



Beauty Business: Erwin Wurm

At the Bass Museum of Art, the Austrian artist's works wink to each other, talk behind one another's backs, tease the viewers, push them from one emotion to the next, and laugh aloud.


Art / Katya Tylevich