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Project Heracles #14

The selections by Marco Brizzi drift toward projects bearing less architectural, but not simplistic nor naïve, visions.


Architecture / Marco Brizzi


Project Heracles #13

Fears, desires, tics, perversions, ideological tendencies and fetishes are found by the Triestine researcher in the folds of the proposals submitted for the competition.


Architecture / Giovanni Corbellini

Project Heracles #12

The architect/writer offers his reading on a number of projects submitted to the competition, all united by the idea of a movable bridge that runs between the two continents.


Architecture / Davide Vargas


Project Heracles #11

The Roman curator selected nine proposals that represent the journey of exchange with images that are unrealistic, poetic, or ironic.


Architecture / Emilia Giorgi


Project Heracles #10

The postcard entries chosen by architecture curator Pippo Ciorra reflect on the mare nostrum theme of the project.


Architecture / Pippo Ciorra

Project Heracles #9

Among the postcards received for Project Heracles, Matteo Costanzo [2A + P/A] has selected those which represent the most basic aspect of crossing a border.


Architecture / Matteo Costanzo