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Lagos bankruptcy?

Reflecting on why project economies and other pragmatic advances in Africa often appear to the world as chaos, starting from Nigeria capital city Lagos.  


Op-ed / Domus Africa Study Centre


Knowledge in Port Louis

Port Louis, Mauritius, leapfrogs within the knowledge economy sector through smart cities, education hubs and environments of transparent intermediacy.


News / Domus Africa Study Centre

Botswana: a laboratory

Botswana has been able to engage with modernity and modernization on its own terms: for the Motswana life exists in a staged relation to the city.


News / Domus Africa Study Centre


Domus 1015 on newsstands

In July-August issue the extension of the Musée d’Arts in Nantes by Stanton Williams, the Forvik Ferry Port by Manthey Kula in Norway, a project by Konstantin Grcic in Rome, the feedback on Belgrade and the two supplements Future African Cities and Napoli Afragola Station.




By way of conclusion

In July-August editorial, Nicola Di Battista gets back on the theory of the architectural project that he prefers to define a way of working.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista