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Best of the Week

From a maze of light that demonstrates the potential of LED lighting to a conversation between Justin McGuirk and Mohsen Mostafavi on the relation between design and architecture, here are this week's best stories.




Radical acts of everyday life

The architecture of OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen springs from the sprawling, semi-urbanised landscape of Flanders, and celebrates it, transforming the spaces of everyday life into rigorous moments of poetry, islands of subtle but accurate beauty.


Architecture / Angelique Campens

Best of the Week

From an installation tackling surveillance cameras in the centre of Madrid to the work of radical architecture's most ironic and explosive ensemble, here are this week's best stories.




There are other worlds

Faced with pessimistic views of our future, these two books can be considered a new attempt to understand the role of architecture as a means to build new models of living.


Reviews / Ethel Baraona Pohl

Future faculties

Leading American universities are witnessing an accelerated transfer of teaching from the actual physical campus to online platforms. In the future, responsibility for learning will in fact be switched from teacher to student, paving the way towards a new architecture of education.


Op-ed / Troy Conrad Therrien

Italian academia: a survey

Although the Italian university system turns out one third of Europe's and almost one tenth of the world's entire supply of architects, it has for decades been considered to be in a "state of crisis". A young architect crunches the numbers and proposes a few future scenarios.


Architecture / Rossella Ferorelli