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The new look of Domus: An interview with Salottobuono

On the eve of the launch of the May issue, Marco Ferrari of Salottobuono recounts the genesis of the graphic identity for the new Domus.




States of Design 01: Visualization

In a new series, the design curator of MoMA reflects on the status of central design disciplines today. The first installment reflects on the currency of visualization design.


Design / Paola Antonelli

Towards a global architect

After the war Le Corbusier transformed the architectural profession. His accomplice: the jetliner.


Architecture / Beatriz Colomina


Exuberância cromática

A colorful Lusitanian interior populated by large enigmatic objects, designed by Pedro Gadanho.


Design / Guta Moura Guedes

PREVI: The Metabolist utopia

Forty years later, an experimental district offers us an unparalleled insight into the slow metabolism of the infinite city.


Architecture / Justin McGuirk


Steven Holl's latest effort, a soaring museum in Nanjing, investigates the spatial mysteries of ancient Chinese painting—yet tells us much about the contemporary state of architecture.


Architecture / Sam Jacob