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Former wine warehouse

Florence-based studio Archea Associati designed a new restoration and conversion project, turning a former wine warehouse in Trieste, Italy, into a new Eataly store.




RVDV: Mas Riells

Ron van der Vliet transforms an old ruin set in a magnificent landscape near Girona using the original materials to create the shell of a typical masía with a contemporary interior.



Satoumi station

The gas station by Hirokazu Toki, onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects, Takuo Nagai and Takahashi Kogyo, is part of the reconstruction after the 2011 tsunami and also a place where people can meet and work together.




Eero Saarinen: a steel building

The Deere and Co. headquarters, published in 1965 in the pages of Domus, are accompanied by a series of remarks by Saarinen, who sought to "make a steel building that was really a steel building".


From the archive


The renovated Cidadela de Cascais

Architects Byrne, Sinclair and Jag have finished the reconversion of a 400-year old military fortress into a hospitality structure, renovating existing infrastructure and inserting a low, suspended volume inside the compound.



Todd Saunders: Forest Stair

The Canadian architect has designed a stair in the middle of a remote Norwegian forest, demonstrating how beautifully architecture can, at its best, interact and communicate with people.


Architecture / Marianne Lie Berg