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Residential Taiwan

Shen Ting Tseng Architects rethink the traditional Taiwanese terrace houses with a residential building made of “breathing pockets” between houses at each level, and with roof gardens.




Dehui tea house

In one of the last remaining hutongs in central Beijing, a tea house designed by Space Modification Unit rises like a peaceful oasis in the middle of the busy streets.



Tainan Tung-Men Church

MAYU architects’ church in Tainan is illuminated by natural light filtered through aluminum perforated screens on the church exterior, which appears to be soft, transparent and flowing.




Beigang Cultural Center

The L-shaped cultural centre in Taiwan by MAYU architects+ is composed of a 400-seat auditorium, a permanent exhibition space and a special exhibition space.




The Inverted Truss

To renew a historical building in Taipei, B+P Architects designed a free-standing structure that is detached with the existing wall and introduces the idea of “structure as furniture”.



A vessel for Uber

Inspired by feng shui, the city waterfront topography and Gottfried Semper’s writings on vessels, Bean Buro designed Uber’s new offices in Hong Kong.