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Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox?

The conference “Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox?” held at the Yale School of Architecture, introduced a series of panels to unpack some of the seeming contradictions in displaying architecture and to explore new forays for curatorial agency.


Op-ed / Simon Pennec


Project Heracles at DLD 2012

From 22 to 24 January, 50 selected entries to Project Heracles will be displayed in Munich.



End of an Experiment

The gallery "Program, Initiative for Art and Architecture Collaborations" in Berlin will close in January 2012.


Architecture / Andres Lepik


Project Heracles #7

The Mediterranean Sea represents an ocean of differences for the people who overlook it. For the next installment of Heracles, Carson Chan reads and responds to the postcard entries.


Architecture / Carson Chan


Not only art

At the Fondazione Ratti, the ninth meeting of The most beautiful kunsthalle in the world launches a dialogue with neighbouring disciplines to contemporary art: architecture, fashion and design.



Showing and experimenting architecture

Carson Chan, the writer, curator and director of Program in Berlin, talks to Marcin Szczelina about the many different ways of exhibiting architecture.


Interviews / Marcin Szczelina