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Sky Villages

James Paulius created a vertical, interactive, wooden village at the Children’s museum in Brooklyn, to imagine how it will be to inhabitat the atmosphere one day. 




Bound and Unbound

Judith Scott–Bound and Unbound exhibition at Brooklyn Museum focuses on Scott’s critically
acclaimed fiber-wrapped, three-dimensional constructions.



Submerged Motherlands

Swoon created Submerged Motherland, a monumental site-specific installation for the Brooklyn Museum, transforming the gallery into a fantastic landscape.




BIG: Brooklyn Bridge Park

BIG+MVVA unveiled their design for Pier 6 of Brooklyn Bridge Park, a public space and pavilion in form of a massive wood-clad triangular viewing platform for events.




Materializing "Six Years"

An impressive Conceptualist class reunion at the Brooklyn Museum revisits Lucy Lippard's seminal, flowing book-as-bibliography, endowing a specific group of often "ephemeral" works with a historical anchor.


Art / Zachary Sachs

Sandy, one month later

One month after Hurricane Sandy made landfall north of Atlantic City, the narrative of the storm has shifted from the immediate impact and near term recovery efforts, to the question of "what will we do to protect the city against storms in the future?"


Op-ed / Ben Abelman