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A Wunderkammer for Collectors

Some considerations on the future of design after the whirlwind of Miart and the Salone. How are roles, channels and interactions being redefined in a complex and increasingly articulated chain of production and consumption?  


Art / Raffaella Poletti



On show at the Museo d’arte Mendrisio, “Metamorphosis” is a group exhibition that look at contemporary sculpture with works of over twenty artists.



A sonic meditation

At the Teatro dell’Arte in Milan, eclectic composer Ferdinando Arnò presents a 50-minute composition, Entrainment, which refers to the meditative concept, and law of physics. #MDW2017




The Extractive Machine

PAV in Turin continues its investigation into the antagonistic relationship between environmental activism and neo-liberism politics on a global scale.




Cesare Leonardi

Villa Croce in Genoa, Italy, presents an exhibition on the work of architect and photographer Cesare Leonardi, focusing on three main themes: trees, chairs and shadows.



Jannis Kounellis (1936–2017)

Remember Jannis Kounellis with a recent interview, where we are treated to an indomitable and potent cavalcade by one of the most prominent figures in contemporary art, who has always given priority to ethical and civil commitment over his work.