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The particular way in which a thing exists

Using a recent exhibition that restates Martin Beck's particular approach to exhibition practice and art production as a starting point, the New York-based artist discusses his art practice, ways of dealing with history, and of looking at things.


Interviews / Victoria Øye


UFO Story

Stefano Pezzato's exhibition at the Centro Pecci turns its attention to radical architecture's most ironic and explosive ensemble: the UFO group, founded in Florence in 1967.


Architecture / Emanuele Piccardo

The Utopian Impulse: Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area

An exhibition dusts for evidence of Fuller in the world as we see it today, and points to credible signs that his fingerprints are all over the dynamic concepts and multi-functional aesthetics that drive modern architecture and design.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich


States of Design 04: Critical Design

Attacking the dogmas of contemporary consumer culture, Critical Design undermines the default notion of design as an affirmative, commercially-oriented practice that shies away from thorny ethical issues.


Design / Paola Antonelli


Ant Farm as seen by Germano Celant

Long before it was hit by the Brazos River flood in 1985, the House of the Century was visited by Germano Celant, who introduced it to Domus readers in 1973.


From the archive / Germano Celant