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Traveling on the Rio Negro

A delicate 16mm film, conserved at the Domus Archives, documents the August 1978 expedition undertaken by Pierre Restany and two artist friends, who traveled up the Rio Negro from the depths of the Brazilian Amazon to the border with Venezuela and Colombia.


From the archive / Alessandra Paulitti


The geopolitics of subtraction

It is no coincidence that the conflicted landscape of the Yasuní National Park in Ecuador is the laboratory for the development of a new counterintuitive economic model: infrastructural subtraction.


Architecture / Keller Easterling

From books to infrastructure

Most people think of Amazon as little more than an online bookstore, but it could be one of the defining forces of 21st–century life—an algorithmically managed infrastructure company that has single–handedly rewritten the publishing industry's rulebook.


Design / James Bridle


domus 958 in newsstands now

The May issue of Domus sets the stage for a new kind of focus with SO - IL architects, and travels to Brazil, South Africa and Iraq.




Tropical Bank

The Campana brothers have brought their exotic touch to Florida.