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We call It Africa

Officine dell’Immagine Gallery in Milan hosts a show entirely dedicated to the complex and multifaceted artistic scene of the countries of the so-called Sub-Saharan Africa.




Creative Africa

Four exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art focus on modern and contemporary African art and design, offering a dialogue between tradition and innovation.




An exhibition shows the multitude of contemporary culture from Africa’s many regions, of which we far too rarely hear and which are necessary to nuance our gaze at Africa.




Making Africa

In the next exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum Africa is presented as a hub of experimentation generating new approaches and solutions of worldwide relevance.




Ilha de São Jorge

In the project promoted and coordinated by Beyond Entropy Africa, a research-based organisation practising architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis, a group of artists recount the relationship between colonialism and modernity in the five Portuguese-speaking African Republics.


Art / Gabi Scardi

The Straw‐k

Alexandra Singer-Bieder & Sofia Bennani received the Young Talent Prize for the Africa Design Award 2014 with the project Straw‐k, made of plastic tubes melted together on the surface.