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Africa. Telling a world

Through photographs, paintings, installations, drawings and sculptures, Milan’s PAC continues its exploration of the continents following the route of art.




Lagos bankruptcy?

Reflecting on why project economies and other pragmatic advances in Africa often appear to the world as chaos, starting from Nigeria capital city Lagos.  


Op-ed / Domus Africa Study Centre

Knowledge in Port Louis

Port Louis, Mauritius, leapfrogs within the knowledge economy sector through smart cities, education hubs and environments of transparent intermediacy.


News / Domus Africa Study Centre


Best of Africa

A series of projects, interviews and exhibitions offer an insight into African cultural scene.




Botswana: a laboratory

Botswana has been able to engage with modernity and modernization on its own terms: for the Motswana life exists in a staged relation to the city.


News / Domus Africa Study Centre

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In July-August issue the extension of the Musée d’Arts in Nantes by Stanton Williams, the Forvik Ferry Port by Manthey Kula in Norway, a project by Konstantin Grcic in Rome, the feedback on Belgrade and the two supplements Future African Cities and Napoli Afragola Station.