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In 8 chapters, 20 interviews and many photos, this book edited by Aberrant Architecture analyses the history of a Brazilian icon of public architecture: the CIEPs conceived by the architect Oscar Niemeyer.


Reviews / Francesca Esposito


Aberrant Architecture: Roaming Market

London-based studio Aberrant Architecture has created a mobile structure for the Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo, inspired by forgotten sixteenth century English market structures.



Venice Takeaway

At the Venice Biennale, the British Pavilion's investment in young practices is worthy and genuine, but Venice Takeaway is diluted by a need for plurality over something that could be taken away by the public or the architectural profession.


Architecture / Beatrice Galilee


Clerkenwell Design Week

Now in its third year, Clerkenwell is still finding its feet in terms of delivering coherency and consistency in terms of its message and quality, as well as finding the balance between business and experimentation.


Design / Catharine Rossi


Project Bus Shelter

Aberrant architecture's extension project for the Oriel Myrddin Gallery extends its footprint into the surrounding public space.



Welcome to your city!

Thanks to aberrant architecture & House of Jonn, five of Selfridges store's Wonder Windows in London, will become home to an interactive city inspired by the public.