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Ico Bottle Opener

Designed by the Brooklyn-based design studio Fort Standard for the homewares brand OTHR, Ico Bottle Opener is a 3D printed limited edition in Matte Black Steel.




Heels all day

Going out in the morning with heels, get to the office by bike and maybe take a walk in the evening, without ever changing our shoes thanks to Laura Papp’s new project.




With the installation for the Beijing Design Week Laboratory for Creative Design has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest 3D printed architectural pavilion.




Glitches in Alltagsobjekte

Born from Vincent Brinkmann and Jan Sengstake’s workshop at the University of Arts Bremen, this project seeing glitches as an influence from the digital to the physical.





Autodesk and present the new Ember printer, showing that 3D printing can produce complete, finished and useful objects.


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