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Family Apartment

Studio Raanan Stern designed an apartment for a family in Tel Aviv, with a large space connecting the existing and new spaces and creating a new large public area in the apartment.




Practical vistas

John Thackara, a philosopher, writer and wide-ranging thinker, summarises the decisive contribution by design that gives practical form to a story, always in the service of the real needs of the people.


Interviews / Stefania Garassini


Sun Splashed

Referencing to African tribal art and African American “folk” traditions, Nari Ward’s mid-career survey at the Barnes Foundation touches the dynamics of power and politics.




Home Economics

The British pavilion at Venice Biennale analyses the the relationship between domestic space and the length of time its inhabitants spend in it.


Architecture / Silvia Bodei

Doctor’s puzzle

K&K Architects renovated a pediatric waiting room in Thessaloniki, letting kids play with modular, coloured pillows and a special arts and crafts area, to entertain before their turn.