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Unborn Cities

Kai M Caemmerer catches Chinese new cities before they are populated by mass, when they appear as empty, waiting places.




Martín Azúa: Rambla chair

With a contemporary shape, light and stackable, the Rambla chair designed by Martín Azúa for Muebles114 reinterprets tradition and the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean lifestyle.



Aravena’s Biennale

Alejandro Aravena’s concept for the 2016 Biennale will bring the effectiveness of architects back into play re issues that concern everybody, in a rapprochement of architecture with the civil world.


Architecture / Andrea Zamboni


Jean Royère

Galerie Patrick Seguin shows in London Royére’s childlike taste for freedom, his nonchalance and irreverence that meant he never lapsed into the bourgeois “good taste”.




Rural House

A small cottage in a village of the French Riviera expands with two white concrete blocks which stand out from the natural ground, in subtle balance with the old renovated building.



Reinier de Jong for Stilst

Wood is the main material used by Reinier de Jong in designing these new wall products for the Swedish brand Stilst: two objects created for calm homes.