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Conservatoire Aubervillers

Creating a dialogue with the urban landscape, Agence François Chochon et Laurent Pierre designed a structure to house both the Regional Conservatory for dance and music and the Multidisciplinary Cultural Space.




Archizoom: Open City

“Open city: Thinking while building” is an exhibition produced by Epfl (Lausanne) with the School of Architecture and Design at the Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile.



Ankara: Snapshots of Modernism

Ankara’s republican architecture, which embodies Atatürk’s effort to modernise Turkey, has recently become a terrain of contestation: in these snapshots, modernist buildings are observed within the everyday urban scene.




Time Machine

Mika Taanilas’ videos and installations exhibition, at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, takes us back to a time when the future was full of promise. 




Pieke Bergmans: Vapor II

Blowing plastic instead of glass, Pieke Bergmans created a series of six-meters-high, fragile and mystical lighting-objects, hanging down from the ceiling.



Edhv: Roots

During the Dutch Design Week 2013, Edhv presented a series of new patterns, which can arise through the language of algorithms that are present in nature.