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There are other worlds

Faced with pessimistic views of our future, these two books can be considered a new attempt to understand the role of architecture as a means to build new models of living.


Reviews / Ethel Baraona Pohl


Luzinterruptus: Merry Christmas to those who watch us

The Spanish art collective's latest installation tackles surveillance cameras in the centre of the city, covering them with illuminated hats in a critique to constant, uncontrolled surveillance.



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A tribute to Lebbeus Woods, new work by Steven Holl Architects, Herzog & de Meuron, SANAA, Bellini and Ricciotti, and more in the January issue of Domus.




Navigating the Web Lab

At the London Science Museum, Google's Chrome Experiments have found a physical home, with five new prototypes exploring the relationship between reality and the web.


Design / Roberto Marone