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Daido Moriyama: Fracture

At the LACMA, the Japanese photographer displays the straight lines, sharp angles, dark corners, harsh lights, contrast and exhaust of Tokyo's Shinjuku district: its fractures, rather than suggesting weakness, suggest an unlikely robustness.


Photo-essays / Daido Moriyama


h2o: Press Room

In this press conference room for a French ministry, h20 architectes seek to transform a technical space into one of representation and communication.



Archizines in New York

The touring exhibition arrives to Storefront for Art and Architecture with a bespoke design by Another Pamphlet that draws inspiration from the traditional New York newsstand, turning it on its side.




A House like a Village

For a house inside a generous loft, Dutch studio Marc Koehler Architects has created a series of independent volumes which allow for a contrast between intimate, closed spaces and open, shared passages in which natural light acts as a protagonist.




Gavin & Turk

In a recent exhibition at the Ben Brown Fine Arts Gallery, British artist Gavin Turk pays homage to Alighiero Boetti, shedding light onto art's debt to its history and its makers.


Art / Catharine Rossi