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The Dovecote

Inspired by magic and childhood dreams, AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos renovated a dovecote in Portugal that resembles a suspended minimal tree house in concrete.




Home Less

After four years spent capturing what financial crises left behind in the Portuguese built environment, Nelson Garrido unveils a surreal scenario at the Venice Biennale. 



Wasit Natural Reserve

After years of efforts to bring the non-migratory birds back to a damaged eco-system site in the Arab Emirates, X-Architects designed a visitor center that mimetizes with the surroundings. 




Paiva Walkways

In the breathtaking lansdcape along the Paiva river in Portugal, engineering studio Trimétrica designed a walkway in dialogue with nature, morphology and panoramic views.




Wall House

AGi architects designed a house in Khaldiya, Kuwait, as the physical expression of a family’s life; a large shell protecting everyone that inhabits it, with four patios developed three dimensionally.



Casa na Gateira

Camarim Arquitectos designed a holiday house in the Portuguese countryside as a building that appears from the landscape with a wall that references to the regional slate buildings.