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Capri’s swimming pools

With a long sequence of details, the polaroids of Giovanna Silva map out the most famous swimming pools on the island of Capri. The end result is a single place, made of many different pools.


Photo-essays / Giovanna Silva


Gió Marconi Gallery

In Milan Kuehn Malvezzi conceived the conversion of a backyard workshop to a gallery space as an occasion to explore the boundaries between the private and the common space.



The Hidden Mother

Linda Fregni Nagler's research at the Venice Biennale is made up of 997 images of women: hidden by their children, they reveal women's role in society between nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Art / Federico Nicolao


Binocle: Via Zumbini Offices

The Italian architecture studio has recently completed two office buildings in the southern outskirts of the city, transforming an existing structure and building another from scratch.




Interior with stairs

Expertly reduced to the bare necessities, this domestic space reveals the principles guiding Italian architect Francesco Librizzi in his work.


Design / Stefano Mirti

Kuehn Malvezzi: Seeing Machine

Saporiti Italia presents Seeing Machine, a project by Kuehn Malvezzi, curated by Cloe Piccoli. We met Simona Malvezzi, Wilfried Kuehn and Johannes Kuehn during the preparations for the exhibition in Milan.


News / Maria Cristina Didero