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Printable futures

With the KamerMaker — a movable 3D printer pavilion — and a proactive approach, DUS architects seek to push the boundaries of this technology: in a co-creation process involving the community and multiple stakeholders, they propose 3D-printing an Amsterdam canal house, room by room.


Architecture / Vera Sacchetti


Smart polymers hunting for makers

The Belgian designer Carl de Smet presents an armchair capable of dramatic changes in shape and size thanks to a new smart polymer.


Salone 2013 / Elise van Mourik

Minale-Maeda: Inside Out Furniture

In Rotterdam, Mario Minale and Kuniko Maeda continue to examine the production process of everyday objects in their attempt to redefine it according to new parameters: the logistics of materials, construction, transport and storage.


Design / Elise van Mourik