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Flat table

Jo Nagasaka continues his ongoing research and excercise on epoxy shades and old tables: hues are less saturated and strong allowing the natural shades to emerge.




Tadashi Kawamata

33 years after his site-specific installation at the Art Front Gallery in Tokyo, which had to be removed after only one week, Tadashi Kawamata has been called to intervene again.



Kamiuma House

Located in a dense residential district in Tokyo, the house designed by Chop+Archi is distinguished by its triangular shape and includes three voids that serve as intermediary spaces.




Grand Projects

Curated by Naoko Aono, the new 21_21 Design Sight’s exhibition “Grand Projects: how far will you go?” showcases bold and innovative ideas that transcend existing modes of expressions.




Glace et chocolat

For the Glace et chocolat ice cream shop in Tokyo, Nendo plays with hues of brown and textures inspired by big slices of chocolate cake, providing a soft welcoming to customers.



Cibone Ginza

Koichi Futatusmata from Case-Real designed Cibone Case new showroom in Ginza, Tokyo, defining a multifunctional space that serves both as a shop and as an exhibition space.