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Ode to the pencil

A fine book tells the little-known story of a small, light and timeless object that has always been close at hand, discretely sitting on our tables and between our fingers: the pencil.


Reviews / Mauro Panzeri


Hansel & Gretel

Park Avenue Armory in New York unveiled a site-specific, immersive, interactive installation by Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, and Ai Weiwei.



The Williamsburg Hotel

Michaelis Boyd Associates designed the new Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, NY, with dramatic wide open common areas, where artists have been called to refine the interiors.




Temple of Manufacturing

Company’s installation at the Storefront gallery in New York features a series of materials, drawings, and objects created in collaboration with local makers.




Separating spaces

Swedish furniture brand Hem asked Philippe Malouin to study new solutions to separate spaces, addressing new office trends where workingspaces become creative hubs.



Performing Arts Center

The sport centre by JPDA in New York features two studios that are flexibly divided and can open up to one large dance stage with blackout curtains at performance time.