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Sette Stagioni dello Spirito

On display at Madre, Gian Maria Tosatti explores the city and the community dimension of civil living and connects the absolute of the ethical element with our historical present.




Fabio Mauri

Together, two retrospectives on Fabio Mauri – one at the Museo Madre in Naples and the other at the GAMeC in Bergamo – contribute to offering a comprehensive profile of this great artist and intellectual.


Art / Gabi Scardi

Dynamic Seismic Hotel

The hotel project by Margot Krasojević Architects contains and reduces the building’s destruction and fatality as a result of earthquakes in the western province near Naples.




desiderata (in media res)

The rooms of the Madre museum contain a string of seductive and pointed transfigurations in works, by British artist Mark Leckey, that are faultlessly topical comments on how objects foster desire via the way they are represented.


Art / Eva Fabbris


The Missing Hour

Danilo Correale’s series of new works reference the artist’s research on the social complexity of the apparently banal act of sleeping.



My dreams

Gian Maria Tosatti’s work at Castel Sant’Elmo, My dreams, they’ll never surrender, is devoted to all those people who have spent their lives in prison because of their ideas.