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Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture developed the series Fusionner, three projects that emphasise on the activities that take place in their interior space, three architectures that are able to evolve and to change.




House in Jiyugaoka

Airhouse Design Office designed in Nagoya the renovation of a 40-year-old reinforced concrete apartment with a big dress room in the center that function as a passage as well as a storage.


Architecture / Toshiyuki Yano

Tetsuo Kondo: House in Chayagasaka

Starting from a central room, this single family house by Tetsuo Kondo in Nagoya grows organically with a series of differently shaped boxes.




Ryohei Tanaka: Painting studio

The Japanese architect's renovation of a small painting studio is inspired by the Kintsugi pottery repair technique, where accidents create beautiful repair.