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Incompiuto Siciliano

The research by Alterazioni Video promotes the study of the Incompiuto architectural style as an interpretative paradigm of Italian architecture from WWII to the present day.


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IED for Domus

This year, during the Milan design week, Domus has entrusted its Instagram profile to the photography students of IED Milan: we selected the best photographs.  


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Totally LED

The latest edition of Euroluce demonstrated how  design has assimilated change, with the introduction of LED technology to create new forms that were previously unthinkable. #MDW17


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Polish design

The first time for the Polish schools in Milan, at the Superdesign Show curated by Dorota Koziara, revealed the historical roots of the schools, linked to local manufacturing. #MDW2017


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The collective Dutch Invertuals presented its new project at the Fuorisalone in Milan, with profound insights into the destiny of sustainability. #MDW2017


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A proper wooden chair for Mattiazzi

Konstantin Grcic has focused on a wooden chair for Mattiazzi giving rise via a radical and uncompromising design to a skilfully constructed wooden chair that is almost austere in its geometric rigour. #MDW2017


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