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Paul Davies in Los Angeles

Inspired by the MAK Center’s Schindler House in Los Angeles, artist Paul Davies created a series of paintings, collages and sculptures, on view until the end of June.




Blackbirds housing

Nestled in Los Angeles hills, the Blackbirds units designed by Barbara Bestor are a proposal for quality dense housing in a city with little available land, where community and native landscape encounter.



Armstrong Av. Residence

The Los Angeles Design Group has recently completed a residential renovation in Los Angeles, which draws inspiration from the iconic stepped form of Marcel Breuer’s former Whitney Museum.




Postmodern Procedures

The show at the SCI-Arc gallery in Los Angeles embed the imagery of postmodernity within a dense tangle of regulations, production specifications and technologies.




The Interior and the Carpet

Artist carpets produced from 1985 to recent times will be on show at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, featuring pieces by Alan Belcher, Joseph Kosuth e Julião Sarmento.



Kulapat Yantrasast

“You can’t be a good cook if you hate human beings!”: three new projects by wHY’s Kulapat Yantrasast and the opinions that built them.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich