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The Interior and the Carpet

Artist carpets produced from 1985 to recent times will be on show at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, featuring pieces by Alan Belcher, Joseph Kosuth e Julião Sarmento.




Kulapat Yantrasast

“You can’t be a good cook if you hate human beings!”: three new projects by wHY’s Kulapat Yantrasast and the opinions that built them.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich

Da Vetro

Fabrica designs chapter II of Da Vetro, a limited edition borosilicate glass collection, whose forms and function push the material to the limit.



The Six

The Six


The Six

The housing building by Brooks + Scarpa in Los Angeles features a courtyard that has large openings and a green roof, visually connecting the space to the street on the lower level beyond.




Jason Rhoades

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel presents the first major Los Angeles exhibition devoted to the politically charged art of Jason Rhoades, comprising six enveloping installation works.



Los Angeles River

In his video Chang Kyun Kim releases a river that has been forced into severe concrete platforms, in a human attempt to control nature. Now that LA is getting dry, new scenarios will bring it alive.