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Layer offices

The new London offices of Layer, founded by Benjamin Hubert, are meant to both communicate the brand identity and facilitate the overall working atmosphere.




De Beauvoir House

London-based Cousins & Cousins Architects designed a single family house’s extension in London, a lightweight structural timber insertion that harmonised the layout of the internal spaces.



Imagine Moscow

On show at London Design Museum, “Imagine Moscow” explores Moscow as it was envisioned by a bold generation of architects in the 1920s and early 1930s.




Peter Märkli

Peter Märkli’s show at Betts Project in London reveals his unconventional approach to architecture, which straddles boundaries of architecture and art.




Mies + Stirling

The exhibition at the RIBA in London offers a renewed examination of two iconic architectural schemes proposed for the same site in the City of London.



The Pod

Designed by Fathom Architects in London, The Pod is a 12 sqm moveable structure created exclusively for podcast recordings and is a fully functional studio seating up to six people.