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House in Azpitia

In a green valley surrounded by a desert landscape near Lima, Rafael Freyre completed a house with a geometry and a palette of textures and colors according to this environment.




Ayllu: Lamparini

The young Peruvian design studio completes a small wooden lamp inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, mashed with local iconography and Pre-Colombian geometric traditions.



Previ, Proyecto Experimental de Vivienda

With this video, Cristobal Palma captures the details of how people respond to both the pace and space of these collaboratively designed residences, both indoors and out.


Video / Cristobal Palma

PREVI: The Metabolist utopia

Forty years later, an experimental district offers us an unparalleled insight into the slow metabolism of the infinite city.


Architecture / Justin McGuirk