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MTRL Kyoto

Fumihiko Sano – Studio Phenomenon renewed a coworking and office space in Kyoto, Japan, embracing the original charm of the old building.




Cheese tart bakery

Yusuke Seki designed the interiors of a bakery in the heart of Kyoto, using traditional Shitaji-Mado frames and lego, taking the ‘local’ to the ‘global’.



366 Kashiracho

Renewing a late nineteenth century building in Kyoto, NAAD designed the reception area of a guesthouse, Kaikoan, and created a new space for a costume rental shop.




Kyoto Yaoichi Honkan

Kajima Design installed a farm on the rooftop of a commercial complex, pursuing the role and potential of architecture within the context of agriculture as an industry.




K8 in Kyoto

Florian Busch-designed restaurant, adjacent to one of Kyoto’s most intricate network of night alleys, is a coherent, continuously varying space stretching over eight levels.



Urban Kyoto

Accompanied by Fosco Maraini’s words, the photographs by Roberto Saba recount the transformation during the past few decades of a city that at first glance appears to be a “mediocre, pseudo-modern city like many others”.


Photo-essays / Roberto Saba