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Freelance Istanbul

Kontra Architects renovated an old broderie factory in Istanbul’s business district giving way to a multifunctional, green and cozy co-working space for freelancers.




Are We Human?

Curated by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, the third Istanbul Design Biennial stimulates an understanding of the world, partly as it affects us all as human beings in our multiple historical, social and economic evolutions – from the Palaeolithic to Facebook.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero

Offices to feel like home

Architect Gurhan Bakirkure lead the renovation project of the ING Bank headquarters in Turkey, analyzing the employees requests, to make them feel like home.




One and the Many

“One and the Many” is a research-based exhibition into the production and distribution of things, tracing a timeline through the period 1955–95 in Turkey.




Migrating Spaces

The exhibition Migrating Spaces focuses on common elements of domestic German architecture integrated into the homes of former guest workers upon their “definitive return” to Turkey.



Šejla Kamerić in Istanbul

On view in Istanbul a wide selection of the Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić’s production, which often involve her personal experiences and memories of the Bosnian War.