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Lonna Sauna

The Lonna Sauna is a new a public sauna designed by Oopeaa studio located on the small island of Lonna in the archipelago just in front of the city center of Helsinki.




Wood mastery

Master cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen crafts maple wood mixing handcarving and CNC milling, to create delicate shapes inspired by stems, leaves and mushrooms.



Viva Finland!

Marimekko celebrates the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence with a textile and fashion collection inspired by the work of Finnish female artists. 




LSD collection

Elina Ulvio designed a collection of furniture that claims its own space by breaking boundaries and uses light, shadow, reflection and movement.




Artek pop-up store

Part of the programme for the Helsinki Design Week, a pop up store of the Japanese fashion and textile brand Minä Perhonen is open at Artek in Helsinki.



Objects of desire

Over twenty international designers show their attitude towards mass production and consumption with works that combine fresh visuals and craftsmanship, in Helsinki.