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Lungarno in Florence

450 internationally-acclaimed works of art, 38 rooms looking out onto Ponte Vecchio, a fine-dining restaurant, an innovative interior design: Hotel Lungarno is more than just a hotel.




Paul Smith and the octopus

At Pitti Uomo, we met the eclectic British designer who started his career with a 3-square-metre shop in Nottingham and now heads a global fashion brand distributed in 74 countries. Paul Smith continues to amaze with his unique ability to anticipate trends and movements, and not just in fashion.


Interviews / la redazione di Domusweb

Domus and fashion

Domus takes part in Pitti Uomo – from 13 to 16 June 2017 – with an exhibition from the archives on the relationship between fashion and architecture through the design of spaces.




Electronic Renaissance

We encountered Bill Viola at the Palazzo Strozzi exhibition retracing his entire career. He talks about his work and his relationship with Florence, where art is all-pervasive and becomes therapeutic.


Art / Beatrice Zamponi


The Monkey

German design studio Ding 3000 realised The Monkey, a radio and speaker, featuring an ingenious snap-on antenna that allows to cling to any support.



Japan in Florence

Studio Lauria designed a temporary pavilion for a photographic exhibition in Florence dedicated to important names in architecture: Kengo Kuma and photographer Nio Tatewaki.