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Dirty White Cube

Rotor has renovated a cultural centre in Brussels, in which the old and the new are confused forming an organic project that sways between domestic and theatrical.




Irregular cutlery

The first pieces of valerie_object’s new tableware collection are signed by Dutch designer Maarten Baas, who plays with irregular shapes and childhood memories.



Black to White

To celebrate his one and a half jubilee, Dutch designer Gijs Bakker exhibits twenty of his most famous jewelry pieces, where he questions traditions, establishment and conventions.





To improve union and interaction, Atelier Starzak Strebicki together with City3 and Laura Muyldermans arranged a number of outdoor furniture at the European Parliament.




A Friendly Takeover

On show at MIMA in Brussels, Boris Tellegen’s constellation of experiences underscores his need to extend the creative field and reach out to different communities.




Maniera gallery in Brussels presents an exhibition entirely devoted to ‘corners’ in architecture and design, with works from OFFICE, Trix & Robert Haussman and Bas Princen.