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Nordic furniture

Jannis Ellenberger aims to keep climate footprint as low as possible and delivers its furniture directly from production plant to final customers all over Europe.




Cube House

The housing modular system designed by LIN Architects Urbanists in Bremen can adapt to different apartment combinations, surface area, circulation, facade and building form requirements.



The Monsters Are Loose!

For The Monsters are Loose!, the designers’ intention is to encourage children to playfully interact with their furniture, testing and sharpening their sense of touch. 




Zostera Stool

Zostera Marina, a very common eelgrass, is usually considered an annoying sea waste. Carolin Pertsch decided to use it to enlighten people about the possibility of using waste material.




Glitches in Alltagsobjekte

Born from Vincent Brinkmann and Jan Sengstake’s workshop at the University of Arts Bremen, this project seeing glitches as an influence from the digital to the physical.



Cooking Table

With the Cooking Table Moritz Putzier calls the rigid conditions of our daily kitchen live into question and suggests a new way of cooking and dining.