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The square by Dmau and Openfabric in Amsterdam is based upon the original neighbourhood grid, which is made visual and tangible through white marking lines.




DeFlat wins Mies Award

Winner of the Mies Award 2017, DeFlat by NL architects and XVW architectuur is an innovative renovation of one of the biggest apartment buildings in The Netherlands.



Wooden walker

Launched on Kickstarter, Dutch designer Paul Timmer crafted a customized wooden walker for his own father, that represents his personal style and taste.




Breaking Habits

Reflecting on our sedentary society, RAAAF imagined a possible future where all chairs and sofas will be replaced by more body-friendly pieces of furniture.




Pretty Plastic Plant

Designed by bureau SLA and Overtrades W, this facility produces real building material from plastic waste, cleaning up your own trash and building something beautiful with it.



Deconstructing Systems

What is the added value of deconstructing systems? The artists Olivier Oosterbaan and Victor Engbers offered a reflection on this theme by dismantling a Fiat Panda and involving philosophers, journalists, lawyers, economists, neuroscientists and even a butcher. 


Art / Nicola Bozzi