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No choice no more

The way in which most of our software and hardware products function is based on a steady corrosion of our ability to choose.


Op-ed / Stefania Garassini


Dear Data

Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, the authors of Dear Data, talk about how their data-visualisation effort is catching on among people from all over the world and schools of all categories.  


Reviews / Stefania Garassini

The whole world, mapped

To celebrate its 128 years, National Geographic has united some of its most interesting infographics in a book by Taschen that shows how the magazine has refused to let software hijack its visualisations.


Reviews / Stefania Garassini


The poetry of algorithms

In Milan, the media artist and designer Joachim Sauter, founder of Art+Com, told us about how he uses algorithms to reveal the poetry of unseen and unforeseen sides of reality.


Art / Stefania Garassini


Keiichi Matsuda

The use of technology has a big impact on how people perceive and use space, meaning that notions of game design and film making will be increasingly useful to architects.


Design / Stefania Garassini

Tomorrow’s world today

Are we sure that the values upon which we are building the future of the Western world are indeed the best? In his latest book, John Thackara describes the pieces of a puzzle that will soon come together, leading to a radical “paradigm change”.


Reviews / Stefania Garassini