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Casa Port

Casa Port, the new Casablanca’s railway station, forms part of a much-debated programme of works to create a high-speed rail link between Tangiers and Casablanca and also aims to be the first completed project on the city’s new waterfront.


Architecture / Roberto Zancan


Rudolf Stingel

Within the Venice Art Biennal program, the beautiful rooms at Palazzo Grassi have been covered with an extensive orental rug that serves as scenography for the artist's installations.


News / Roberto Zancan

The Biennale becomes Kraftwerk

On the wake of last week's presentation, President of La Biennale di Venezia Paolo Baratta discusses the 2014 edition, reaffirming the will to create a memorable edition, enlarging the event's scope and importance.


Interviews / Roberto Zancan


Graphic Design in the Neo-Pop Era

Together, these two books form an "essential duo", a formidable compass to gain our bearings in the complex system of contemporary communication and forge a critical path.


Reviews / Roberto Zancan


Moroso: 60 years of prototypes

Moroso's 60th anniversary exhibition, designed by Martino Gamper, revealed the presence of a legendary figure: the craftsman who has always created the prototypes for this Friuli-based manufacturer.


Design / Roberto Zancan

Art in a Suitcase

Curated by Germano Celant, a new exhibition at Fondazione Prada declares an intention to lay bare the roots of the avant-garde promotion and dissemination project, displaying works and artistic performances that lack the aura of the unique piece.


Art / Roberto Zancan