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The power of the line

One cannot limit the concept of freedom to the disciplinary confines of architecture, yet this book proves that architectural thinking is indeed a productive medium for contemplating what lies beyond its borders.


Reviews / Nick Axel


The Ghost of Mies

In the third installment of the Critical Spatial Practice book series, Beatriz Colomina narrates an alternative history of modern architecture that doesn’t focus on what was proposed, but instead where, how, and even at times why modern architecture was formulated as a project.


Reviews / Nick Axel

Critical Proximity

Through a series of entangled instances of history and architecture in Palestine, the book edited by Petti, Hilal and Weizman asks the question: “what is decolonization today?”


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Close, Closer

With respect to its original curatorial intention of positing questions rather than proposing answers, the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale achieves the goals, and makes the case for an ecology of ideological difference, one that exceeds the limits of the event itself.


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Critical Spatial Practice

In the Critical Spatial Practice book series, editors Nikolaus Hirsch and Markus Miessen construct a larger discursive foundation about how space can be interpreted as a political medium within which action can take place.


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The subversion of lived history: toward a political art?

A look at Santiago's street art cannot ignore its repressive past, but it could reframe its political potentials.


Op-ed / Nick Axel