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The moving city

At the British School at Rome, an exhibition by Rahul Mehrotra suggests we take a fresh look at the link between local and global, advocating that the spectacle of the city is no longer produced by its architecture but by its events.


Architecture / Matteo Costanzo


The reasoning behind the object

Invited to reinterpret the space of the Fondazione Volume!, Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi takes the opportunity to uncover traces left by the long history of a space that formerly harboured a glassworks.


Design / Matteo Costanzo

Project Heracles #9

Among the postcards received for Project Heracles, Matteo Costanzo [2A + P/A] has selected those which represent the most basic aspect of crossing a border.


Architecture / Matteo Costanzo


The Theory of Clouds by Tomás Saraceno

The special project, designed by the Argentinean artist for MACRO, is another step towards the colonization of the sky.


Art / Matteo Costanzo