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H.O.R.T.U.S., a cyber garden

At the Architectural Association, ecoLogicStudio has devised an oxigenated room where physical and virtual dimensions collide.


Architecture / Lucy Bullivant


Urban Age: Hong Kong

This year's Urban Age conference chose Hong Kong as its latest focus for research and debate on the complex connection between the city, public health and well-being.


Architecture / Lucy Bullivant

Interview with Reinier de Graaf

AMO's director discusses the principles and ideas developed by the group over the last few years to launch a new sustainable energy policy in Europe.


Architecture / Lucy Bullivant



The conference organized by Croatian architects Alisa Andrasek and Bruno Juricic moves to transcend simplistic visions of contemporary ecology.


Architecture / Lucy Bullivant


Algae Farm

ecoLogicStudio designed an ecocity in Sweden that revolves around the algae industry.


Architecture / Lucy Bullivant

Living in the Endless City

The companion book to 2008's The Endless City collects essays and analysis on the cities of Istanbul, Mumbai, and São Paulo.


Reviews / Lucy Bullivant