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Design Projects and Metaphors

ICSplat's New Concordia Island competition, focusing on a deliberately paradoxical theme such as the Costa Concordia disaster, was a perfect catalyst for further design reflections and a sure approach not necessarily restricted to the Giglio Island context. Few Italian commentators realised this; the others got wound up in their indignation.


Op-ed / Luca Silenzi


Do androids dream of an electric aesthetic?

Introduced by James Bridle just over a year ago, the New Aesthetic is a very refined product of our time, and could be the first, real global avant-garde of the millennium.


Design / Luca Silenzi

Know your [archi-]meme

We think we're original, but in reality we are carriers of, and work on, the ideas of others. Luca Silenzi borrows a concept from evolutionary theory to describe the processes involved in the communication and transfer of forms in contemporary architecture.


Op-ed / Luca Silenzi