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BIG: Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium

Bjarke Ingels went back in the school where he studied, from 16 to 19, to project a new sports hall: an artificial hill that nestles comfortably in the courtyard.


Architecture / Beatrice Galilee



With the OpenDesk project by 00:/, micro-factories are appearing on high streets with a “freemium” model of digital manufacturing.


Design / Beatrice Galilee

Vertical and informal cities

Despite pursuing two opposing research directions, MVRDV and Urban-Think Tank both agree that the life of the city, no matter how complex and compromised, subsumes design.


Reviews / Beatrice Galilee


Venice Takeaway

At the Venice Biennale, the British Pavilion's investment in young practices is worthy and genuine, but Venice Takeaway is diluted by a need for plurality over something that could be taken away by the public or the architectural profession.


Architecture / Beatrice Galilee


Young architects in action #3: Assemble

Our series of encounters with young London-based architecture studios comes to a close with Assemble, who from their headquarters are working on policies for the local area, running workshops with schoolchildren and helping to get things made.


Architecture / Beatrice Galilee

Young architects in action #2: Practice Architecture

Our second encounter with young London-based architecture studios finds Paloma Gormley and Lettice Drake, who through a dismantle and make again attitude display earnestness and social, civic consciousness.


Architecture / Beatrice Galilee