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The Electric Information Age Book

A condensed history of an innovative moment in publishing history revives the visionary potentials within the humble paperback format. Domus speaks to authors Jeffrey Schnapp and Adam Michaels.


Reviews / Alan Rapp


Landscape Futures

An exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art presents visionary scenarios conditioned by ecological rules under heavy revision.


Architecture / Alan Rapp

Scaling up: Urbanized

The design film genre achieves global-metropolis scale with Gary Hustwit's third feature.


Interviews / Alan Rapp


Enmeshed: Kukje Art Center by SO – IL

An irregular volume wrapped entirely in chainmail may finally undo the legacy of the modernist gallery cube.


Architecture / Alan Rapp


The NEMO Project

Reviving a typology with a dark past, two architects propose a subversive new endeavour to address, and critique, the European immigration controversy.


Architecture / Alan Rapp

Architectural photography at the crossroads

To introduce a series of Domus Photoessays, an assesment of the vacillating and hyperglobal architectural image today.


Op-ed / Alan Rapp